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September 2019

New Trend of the Shopping Behavior about E-Commerce in China

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“In the U.S., e-commerce is just a dessert – it is supplementary. The infrastructure of the commerce is already so good. In China, e-commerce is the main course”, said by the founder of Alibaba (NYSE: BABA), Jack Ma.​

Though relatively new to online shopping, Chinese consumers already make up for almost half of global online retail sales and are only growing in numbers. Online retail sales amounted to $581.61 billion in 2015, surging 33.3% from the previous year. The volume of online sales in China now exceeds that in the US, and online sales are expected to grow 20% annually by 2020. Furthermore, online shoppers represent the vanguard of China’s growth story, since they tend to be young, urban, and highly educated. They have a different attitude toward shopping than older generations, which were shaped as savers by more challenging political and economic circumstances. Younger shoppers are more willing to spend.

New Trend

The distribution channels trend shift to the online stores in the same way. According to the data, the shopping experience of online-stores increased a lot while physical-stores experience the decrease. Around 80% online shoppers would visit the physical-stores before purchase. However, there is only around 15% physical-stores shoppers would visit online stores before.

China E-commerce Platforms and are ranked as the top two largest e-commerce platforms in China. Combined, they maintain around 80% of online retail market share. There are also specialized e-commerce platforms in specific vertical markets such as the Dangdang online bookstore and Jumei (NYSE: JMEI) cosmetic marketplace.

China’s torrid growth in online shopping reflects increasing incomes, higher education, and more sophisticated consumption patterns of the typical consumers. Due to the expansion of online retail shopping and the necessary logistical services, e-commerce is at the frontier of consumption growth in China.

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The Fundamental of Baidu Advertising: Differences of Search Results Pages Between Baidu and Google

By | Co.Media Marketing Consulting is the most dominant search engine with 75.93% overall market share and 82.47% for the mobile search engine in the Chinese mainland, compared to 1.83% and 0.61% for Google. It’s obviously that Baidu should be the right place to do the marketing campaign if you were targeting at Chinese customers. In this blog, we would introduce all the Baidu products lines and help you build up the big picture about how Baidu marketing works.

baidu market share

Search Result Page

Baidu’s search result page contains much more paid advertising items than Google. Usually, the Baidu’s products, such as Baidu forum (Baidu Tieba) and Baidu wiki (Baidu Baike), are the next items. Users have to scroll down to find out the organic search results. Based on this circumstance, the paid advertisement plays a more significant role for Baidu marketing than Google.

baidu search result page

baidu search result page

What about the organic search?

Concerning the secondary appearance of the organic search results, should we ignore the Baidu SEO? The answer is a big ‘No.’ Because of the high volume of the paid advertisements, Chinese users keep losing confidence to the paid advertisements and giving more credits to organic search pages which rank in the top position. Improvement of page rank on Baidu could contribute more value than on Google in the US.


Everybody knows they should do Baidu advertising if they want to expand their business to Chinese. It’s always an efficient strategy to improve the organic search rank for credibility and pay more attention to paid advertising, which contributes more impressions.

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How to Do Marketing On Chinese Weibo if You Are Targeting at Chinese?

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“Weibo” – better known as the Twitter of China – is the Chinese word for “microblog.” It is one of the most popular sites in China.

weibo stats infogram

However, Weibo marketing campaign is not an easy thing. Besides the language barrier, you have to understand the differences between the Weibo Post promotion and Weibo advertising.

Weibo Post Promotion

Weibo Post Promotion, so-called Fan Headline, promotes company account or content directly in the followers’ feed with the icon ‘HOT’. The post always shows on the top of users’ home page. You can also collaborate with some KOL to share your post, and then promote the post to all followers of that KOL. This is the most efficient way to increase the views of your post on Weibo.

weibo promoted post

Weibo Advertising

Weibo advertising or Fan Tunnel looks like the Weibo Post Promotion. However, you can select the segments of the target users based on the age, region, interests, and so on. It’s more like a traditional PPC or PPM advertising. Furthermore, Weibo allows promoting your application or Weibo account through this method.


The fundamental difference between Weibo Post Promotion and Weibo Advertising is the source of the target audiences: the existing followers on Weibo Post Promotion v.s. the new potential fans on Weibo Advertising.

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Social media 中文

Which Type of WeChat Account Should You Select for Your Business?

By | Co.Media Marketing Consulting

Chinese consumers enjoy engaging with and learning from newly established brands through social media platforms. WeChat is one of the primary channels used for social outreach and engagement in the Chinese-speaking market.

Wechat screen shot

WeChat official accounts give brands a new method to manage the relationship with customers. However, it’s important to understand the two different types of WeChat official accounts before going ahead.

Subscription accounts

Subscription accounts provide a new social media model for institutions and individuals to distribute the news and to interact with readers. The subscription account can send one message to all subscribers every day.

Social media 中文

Service accounts

Service accounts provide more powerful business services to enterprises and organizations than subscription accounts. This type of accounts enables the companies to implement a multifunctional online service platform to convert the followers to the clients effectively. Although service accounts can only send one message per week, it allows a company to integrate more useful functions, such as checking the status of credit cards or conducting an online chat with customer services.

Social media 中文

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No matter where your business is located, we can find the right connections to overcome the gap between your business and the Chinese market. With $19.39 trillion dollars in 2015, China surpassed the U.S. to become the number one in the total purchasing power. Therefore, accessing the Chinese market has been essential to the success of any global business.