How to Do Marketing On Chinese Weibo if You Are Targeting at Chinese?


“Weibo” – better known as the Twitter of China – is the Chinese word for “microblog.” It is one of the most popular sites in China.

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However, Weibo marketing campaign is not an easy thing. Besides the language barrier, you have to understand the differences between the Weibo Post promotion and Weibo advertising.

Weibo Post Promotion

Weibo Post Promotion, so-called Fan Headline, promotes company account or content directly in the followers’ feed with the icon ‘HOT’. The post always shows on the top of users’ home page. You can also collaborate with some KOL to share your post, and then promote the post to all followers of that KOL. This is the most efficient way to increase the views of your post on Weibo.

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Weibo Advertising

Weibo advertising or Fan Tunnel looks like the Weibo Post Promotion. However, you can select the segments of the target users based on the age, region, interests, and so on. It’s more like a traditional PPC or PPM advertising. Furthermore, Weibo allows promoting your application or Weibo account through this method.


The fundamental difference between Weibo Post Promotion and Weibo Advertising is the source of the target audiences: the existing followers on Weibo Post Promotion v.s. the new potential fans on Weibo Advertising.

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