Which Type of WeChat Account Should You Select for Your Business?

Social media 中文

Chinese consumers enjoy engaging with and learning from newly established brands through social media platforms. WeChat is one of the primary channels used for social outreach and engagement in the Chinese-speaking market.

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WeChat official accounts give brands a new method to manage the relationship with customers. However, it’s important to understand the two different types of WeChat official accounts before going ahead.

Subscription accounts

Subscription accounts provide a new social media model for institutions and individuals to distribute the news and to interact with readers. The subscription account can send one message to all subscribers every day.

Social media 中文

Service accounts

Service accounts provide more powerful business services to enterprises and organizations than subscription accounts. This type of accounts enables the companies to implement a multifunctional online service platform to convert the followers to the clients effectively. Although service accounts can only send one message per week, it allows a company to integrate more useful functions, such as checking the status of credit cards or conducting an online chat with customer services.

Social media 中文

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