3 Tips for Marketing Your Business in China

By October 1, 2019 Co.Media

Today I am not going to tell you guys the importance of localizing marketing rather tell you guys how to market your product in an efficient way, especially in a Chinese way.

1 Ads and products should involve Chinese elements

As the blow ads shown, porridge and fried dough as popular breakfast were sold by Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in China.

I hope you get the point over here. What Chinese people want to buy is the biggest issue for a foreigner who wants to invest in China. So, one suggestion for you, before you start marketing your products in China, you should conduct a survey to unearth that whether or not your products will be popular in China. Do not judge or make the decision based on your own culture or background instead of Chinese perspectives.


2. Using Chinese social media platforms saying Chinese popular topics.

Have you heard Rap of China before? This is really the most popular show in China right now. Currently, lots of companies are utilizing this trend to market their products. In addition, related topics of the Rap of China are dominating Weibo which is a giant Chinese social media platform. In conclusion, if you are going to do marketing in China, you should pay attention to popular topics on the Internet. If you miss something, you might miss a good chance to market your product.

chinese marketing

3. Try to use Chinese way to communicate and behave like a Chinese

It is really hard to learn the Chinese language right away, but at least you should understand the way of Chinese people making friends and doing business. We are educated in a different way. In this case, when you try to communicate with them in the American way, there is no way you can do business with them. So my suggestion is below:

  • Read newspaper to understand what is currently popular topic in China (English version newspaper is available in China)
  • Involve into social media community to understand what people are talking about on the internet.
  • Culture barrier is the biggest issue, so you should spend some time on learning Chinese culture. Do not think it won’t help your business. On the contrary, it will.


There is a huge barrier between China and US, while if you want to enter into Chinese market, you do need to surpass this obstacle. Above points, I mentioned are the main issues while there always are other problems happening in the real life.

If you have any other questions about bringing your business to China, here is a white paper available for you. If you need consulting service, feel free to contact us. We are dedicating to assist your business to thrive in China,