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Brand Image Design assists clients in building their brand image, using logos and other creative designs that cater to the needs of the target market.

Promotion Material Design

Based on clients’ promotional objectives, designs online and offline marketing materials, including, but not limited to, brochures, roll-up banner stands, creative display billboards, and online advertising.

Website Design

A company website provides the first impression of an online brand. It is also the best way to build relationships with customers. A beautifully designed and attractive website is the ultimate face of a brand.



Brand localization has strategic significance for a company.

To compete in the world, multinational corporations (MNC) need to formulate competitive strategies, such as product strategy, location strategy, financing strategy, management strategy, talent strategy, etc. Moreover, contemporary MNCs have realized that a brand localization strategy is an indispensable and important strategy to win the local market competition. Only by using the strategy of brand localization can the MNCs’ products or services be more credible, appealing, and thus more competitive in the local market.

It is important to study MNCs’ brand localization strategy.

After this strategy is determined, implementing and obtaining market recognition is key. Brand localization is the core of MNCs’ brand-development strategy in the local market. Different products, enterprises, countries, and regions have different brand-development strategies. This is the process of implementing a brand localization development strategy and the only way for an MNC to succeed in a local market.

My brand has been established but is not localized enough. What do I do?

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