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Facebook Advantages


Facebook is the world’s largest social networking service site and one of the best marketing platforms in the world.

Millions of businesses have spread their brands around the world through Facebook — 3 million advertisements and 50 million public pages.

Core positioning based on real user data can accurately delineate potential target users, carry out diversified and omnidirectional advertising, and accurately transmit product information.

Instagram Advantage


Instagram, with Facebook’s powerful target-audience location function, helps advertisers identify a potential audience and is more popular among the younger generation.

Instagram has gradually become the most attractive mobile advertising platform in the world. We can help you increase your brand awareness, product visibility, applications or services as the focus of visual inspiration, perfectly achieving enhanced brand awareness, increasing purchasing intentions, and telling more touching brand stories.

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our online marketing experts for consultation. We provide you with the most professional consulting services available. Co.media is a precision marketing company operating locally in the United States. Our services include e-commerce solutions, Google overseas promotion, brand image design, website design and production, PR media exposure, and Facebook/Instagram overseas marketing.