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Google AdWords Introduction


Why Choose Google

The World’s Largest Search Engine


Google accounts for 70% of the global search-engine market. Search engines are the most important way for users to find products and services to date. Nearly 90% of website traffic comes from search engines.

Accurately target audiences.


When customers search for the products or services you provide, they can accurately locate these through location, language, content, audience, and other positioning methods.

Clear and Visible Advertising Effect


Flexible promotion goal setting, accurate data tracking, and promotion effects are clear at a glance. Combining Google Trends, Business Opportunity Insight, and GA Analysis optimizes advertising based on customer-behavior data.

Positioning Global Markets and Countries


You can either show your advertisements to target customers in a particular country/region, region or city, or locate customers in a certain area close to the company. Google covers more than 200 countries and 114 languages.

Multivariate Advertising Forms


You can decide where to place your product or service according to its location. Attract target customers through text, pictures, rich media, video, Gmail, native advertising, and other forms of advertising.

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