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For a business, holding events can give users face-to-face communication and a live experience. For those who want to know more about the brand, participating in events provides a better result. An event can provide a more accurate picture of how the public’s needs are fulfilled by the brand, much like how an offline brand conference is an extension of social media in the Internet era.


Establish the Image of Brand

Although online activities can create a sense of ritual, they are often shallow and don’t provide the kind of deep impressions that can impact people. Otherwise, why do so many Internet communities not only create a clear image of brand online, but also regularly organize salons and activities offline?

The most important thing is the public’s experience

Although Internet communication can transmit a lot of information, it always makes people feel like something is missing due to the lack of the actual scene effect. It’s like the difference between watching an expert’s speech online at home or listening to it live. Although Internet products manage the users’ experiences online, it is also important to use effective offline activities to improve the users’ experiences.

High Resource Aggregation in a Short Time

Everyone who has planned and organized offline press conferences knows that planning one requires a volume of resource preparation and personnel deployment a few months prior. Within a month before the event is held, it is also necessary to carry out highly intensive resource docking and combination. Although online communication now also requires a lot of resources, such as media resources, communication resources, platform resources, etc., this is not in the same magnitude as the offline brand press conference. is highly familiar with producing offline brand conferences. Besides the construction of common communication resources, the more important aspect is ensuring a high concentration of industry and social resources.

Offline supplement of brand social value

Modern society is caught in a very interesting trend. Although there are more and more social media channels and means to create a social life online, the efficiency of social interaction is not ideal. For an enterprise, it is very dangerous not to see an evaluation of your brand from the public in person. Therefore, holding a brand conference during a specific event can strengthen a business’s relationship with the public. It is a very effective way to elevate the brand and the social value of the brand. Meanwhile, in a conference, an enterprise can gather a large number of people to generate more interaction and social media expansion, which is not achievable with online activities alone.

Realization of Brand PR Value

Today, although you can integrate media resources online, the media is essentially made up of editors, journalists, and visual artists. Public Relations nowadays is not limited to the effective transmission and promotion of professional media information. More importantly, it is necessary for users, followers, and the public to have brand and information expectations and to achieve a high degree of social media sharing through on-site activities, which is not available at online press conferences.

Full demonstration of enterprise strength

To do online brand launching, you may only need to prepare relevant brand information, graphics, text, live broadcasting, video, etc., to fully convey the information to the public. However, when it comes to offline brand announcements, it is necessary to integrate various resources. Industry celebrities, authority figures, industry experts, and professional media people are gathered to fully reflect on the social influence and brand appeal of an enterprise. If the brand conference is held in a global city, such as Los Angeles, New York, Beijing, or Shanghai, it is also a demonstration of the strength of the enterprise to the public.

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