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Press Release Distribution

Co.media provides an efficient solution to distribute news to industry-specific media and target audiences.

In-depth Interviews

To enhance brand awareness, Co.media conducts in-depth media interviews for our clients. We also offer services to compose and release feature articles, press releases, and other journalistic content in related fields.

Press Conference

Co.media helps our clients plan and manage their press conferences and provides them with a great opportunity to expose their brands to the global market.

Event Marketing

Co.media helps our clients create event-marketing strategies and provides cutting-edge promotional campaigns that boost attendance and ensure the events’ success.



Grow Sales Through Public Relations Activities

The impact of successful public relations activities on business is manifested in two ways: popularity and sales. Integrating public relations into the overall marketing strategy will have a significant influence on the business.

To evaluate the success or failure of public relations’ plans or the level of return on an investment, we should pay attention not to the number of press clippings, but to the correct transmission of information and the positive impact on the company. Public Relations is an important tool in the success of an enterprise. Excellent public-relations activities can bring a significant investment return for an enterprise. These PR activities will help you maximize your effectiveness and will have a remarkable impact on visibility and sales.

By using effective public-relations strategies, maintaining consistency of information with concise and clear wording, optimizing your product information, and holding a clear objective, an enterprise will be able to transform potential customers into members of the sales list. As PR has evolved into a competitive and complementary sector in recent years, it has become an integral part of marketing and potential customer development strategies. It is also one of the secrets to success in many leading enterprises today.

In a recent study on the ROI of PR activity, P&G used statistical modeling to study the marketing mix of six brands in three years. Here are the findings:

The overall return on public-relations investment is


Public Relations is an important way for an enterprise to succeed. Conducting a proper public-relations activity can bring an outstanding return on an investment compared to other tools.

Three of the six brands show that the return on investment of PR is the highest of all marketing strategies.

The return on investment of PR is much higher than that of advertising, and it has a halo effect on other marketing strategies.

Compared to other marketing methods, PR achieves a higher return on investment at a relatively low cost.

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