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The Fundamental of Baidu Advertising: Differences of Search Results Pages Between Baidu and Google

By | Co.Media Marketing Consulting

Baidu.com is the most dominant search engine with 75.93% overall market share and 82.47% for the mobile search engine in the Chinese mainland, compared to 1.83% and 0.61% for Google. It’s obviously that Baidu should be the right place to do the marketing campaign if you were targeting at Chinese customers. In this blog, we would introduce all the Baidu products lines and help you build up the big picture about how Baidu marketing works.

baidu market share

Search Result Page

Baidu’s search result page contains much more paid advertising items than Google. Usually, the Baidu’s products, such as Baidu forum (Baidu Tieba) and Baidu wiki (Baidu Baike), are the next items. Users have to scroll down to find out the organic search results. Based on this circumstance, the paid advertisement plays a more significant role for Baidu marketing than Google.

baidu search result page

baidu search result page

What about the organic search?

Concerning the secondary appearance of the organic search results, should we ignore the Baidu SEO? The answer is a big ‘No.’ Because of the high volume of the paid advertisements, Chinese users keep losing confidence to the paid advertisements and giving more credits to organic search pages which rank in the top position. Improvement of page rank on Baidu could contribute more value than on Google in the US.


Everybody knows they should do Baidu advertising if they want to expand their business to Chinese. It’s always an efficient strategy to improve the organic search rank for credibility and pay more attention to paid advertising, which contributes more impressions.

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